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Granting the right permissions to the right people is key to using Tempo for Cloud effectively in your company. Different permissions are used to control accessibility to certain data or to be able to do certain tasks in Tempo. 

Tempo uses three types of permissions:

  • Global Permissions: These are high-level Jira Global permissions that are applied to the Jira site on which your Tempo apps are installed. When you install a Tempo app, several of Tempo's own permissions are added here, as described in Global Permissions. These permissions are about giving people access to Tempo products, as well as specifying the key people for administering Tempo for your company. 
    You need to have Jira administrator permissions to grant any of these Global permissions.  
  • Project Permissions: These are project-level Jira permissions that affect access to Jira projects, their issues, and time records in Tempo. When you install a Tempo app, several Several basic Jira project permissions need to be granted to Tempo users, as well as the Time Tracking permissions, as described in Project Permissions
    You need to have Jira administrator permissions to grant any of these Project permissions.
  • Team Permissions: These are Tempo's own set of permissions that are related to Tempo teams. Team permissions are granted to users who are in Permission Roles, as described in Creating Team Permission Roles. Then only those users can access the worklog or plan data from the members of that team. 

To access all permissions from within Tempo:

  1. Go to Tempo Settings in Tempo's sidebar and select Permission Overview.
    You will see this setting only if you have any of these permissions: Jira administrator, Tempo AdministratorTempo Team AdministratorTempo Account Administrator, or Manage Team (which Team Leads have by default for their own teams).
  2. Click the icon for the type of permission you want to set: Global, Project, or Team.
  3. Click the text link that opens the related location in either Jira or Tempo.
  4. Set the permissions you need as per instructions in Global PermissionsProject Permissions, or Team Permissions.

Start with these basic Tempo permissions

Just starting out with Tempo Timesheets? Set these basic permissions so that everyone in your company has all the basic permissions they need to use and manage Tempo Timesheets. 

It’s best practice to grant these permissions soon after installing Tempo Timesheets to give the employees in your company a great experience.

Watch this video to learn all about these permission basics!

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You'll need Jira administrator permissions for these tasks:

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titleGrant these Global permissions
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Global Permissions - Tempo Cloud
Global Permissions - Tempo Cloud

  • Grant the Tempo AdministratorTempo Team Administrator, and Tempo Account Administrator permissions to the appropriate group of administrators in your company.
    Note: As a Jira administrator, you automatically have these permissions, but you can assign them to others.
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titleGrant these Project permissions
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Project Permissions - Tempo Cloud
Project Permissions - Tempo Cloud

  • Grant the Browse Projects, Work on Issues, Edit Own Worklogs, and Delete Own Worklogs permissions to a group that includes all Tempo users. 
  • Grant the View All WorklogsEdit All Worklogs, and Delete All Worklogs permissions to the appropriate groups of managers and team leads in your company.

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