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  • Creating, configuring, and deleting holiday schemes requires the Tempo Administrator permission.
  • Holiday schemes are not used for vacation days or personal time off. To log time or plan time to that, you should use Internal issues.

A holiday scheme defines the set of public (statutory) holidays for employees. You can create holiday schemes to manage different types of holidays in each country or location in which your company has an office. 

In contrast to Workload Schemes, holiday schemes define the days where no work is required to be logged or planned: they essentially reduce the working capacity. For example, if you normally work 40 hours per week (8 hours per day for 5 days), one holiday in a week would reduce the number of required working hours to 32. You don't usually log time to or plan time on holiday hours, but it is possible to do so. 

Check out this video to see how to create and set up holiday schemes:

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To create a holiday scheme:

  1. Select Settings Image Modified in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Under Working Days, click Holidays.
  3. Add a Name and Description for the new holiday scheme.
  4. Click Add to create the holiday scheme. You can now add days (click Configure) and members to your scheme - see below for more information.

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  • Click Set Default to the right of the holiday scheme you want to be the default. When set as default, new users are added to that holiday scheme automatically.
  • You can edit the name and description of the holiday scheme inline. 

Adding Members to Holiday Schemes

If you have more than one holiday scheme to accommodate regional holidays, for example, you can add specific team members to each scheme.

To add members to a holiday scheme:

  1. Click Members to the right of the holiday scheme. 
  2. In the Member field, search for a user and then click Add. When a member is added, a Move dropdown button is displayed. You can then quickly move a member to another holiday scheme if necessary.

Configuring Holiday Schemes

You can add fixed and floating holidays to holiday schemes. 

To configure a holiday scheme:

  1. Click Configure to the right of the holiday scheme to which you want to add days.
  2. Enter information about each holiday, either fixed or floating.
    1. Fixed - Holidays that are always on the same date each year, such as New Year's Day. For fixed holidays, you must specify the date and month.
    2. Floating - Holidays that change dates each year, such as Easter holidays. For a floating holiday you must specify the date, month, and the year. You need to create a separate entry for each year since the dates will be different.
  3.  Click Add to save.

The maximum duration for a holiday is one day. For a holiday period, you will have to add each day one at a time. As well, if you have a half-day holiday, for example, you can set the duration in hours. 

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  • To remove a holiday from the scheme, click Delete to the right of the holiday.

Deleting Holiday Schemes

You can only delete a holiday scheme if there are no current members. If the scheme has members, you must first move them to another holiday scheme.

To delete a holiday scheme:

  • Click Delete to the right of the holiday scheme name.

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