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Editing your own time records requires the Edit Own Worklogs permission.

In the My Work Calendar, it's easy to change the issue, date, time, description, and hours of your time records. You can also copy and move your time records between dates.

To access the Calendar, select My Work Image Modified in the sidebar and make sure Calendar is selected at the upper-right.

Editing Time Records

  1. Click the time record card you want to edit to open the Edit Time Record dialog.
  2. Change the Issue (move to a different issue - see below), Date, Duration, or Description.
  3. Click Update when you're done.

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Moving Time Records to a Different Date

You can do either of these to change a time record's date:

  • Drag and drop the time record card to another date in the Calendar.
  • Click the time record and change the Date in the Edit Time Record dialog. 

Copying Time Records

  • Press the Ctrl key or the Alt key (for Windows), or the Command key (for Mac), as you drag the time record card to another date, then release it. A copy of that time record is created.

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Moving the Time Record to a Different Jira Issue

If you logged time to the incorrect Jira issue, you can move the time record to a different issue:

  1. Click the time record to open the Edit Time Record dialog. 
  2. Click in the Issue field.
  3. Select a new issue from the list in the Select Issue dialog.
  4. Click Update.

      - OR -

  • Click in the upper-right corner of a time record card (Alt + click on Windows) and select Move.

Deleting Time Records

  • Click in the upper-right corner of a time record card (Alt + click on Windows) and select Delete.

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If the time record originated from a plan or an external calendar event, the time record is deleted, but the original plan card or event card will be displayed again in the calendar.

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