Suggestion sidebar is displayed on the right side in Tempo Worklog Calendar. Five types of suggestion sections are displayed in the sidebar each containing a list of suggestion cards. JIRA issues in the Suggestion Cards are sorted by latest update and the first 50 issues in the filter result are displayed in each section. Load more link is displayed for large search results.

Suggestion Types

  1. JIRA Filter - Filters can be selected from the users Favorite filters list.
  2. Recently Viewed Issues - Issues that current user has viewed recently
  3. Watched Issues - Issues that current user is watching
  4. Internal Issues - Internal Issues if  configured on the instance and current user has browse permission on the project.
  5. My Activities - Showing users latest activities if Activity Stream is enabled on your instance.
    (info) My Activities feature is only available in JIRA 6.4.1 and later versions. 

Select Suggestions

Suggestion Cards can easily be moved to a date on Calendar canvas by using the drag-and-drop method.

Dragging a suggestion into the calendar canvas

Steps to drag a Suggestion Card into the Calendar canvas:

  1. Hover over the Suggestion Card and click the mouse button
  2. Drag the selected card to the date you want to log for and time if you are in the Time View
  3. Release the mouse button and the log work form is displayed with the issue selected.
  4. Fill in the fields to complete your worklog
  5. Click Save if you are done or Cancel to close without saving.

Select Suggestions Sections

All Suggestion Sections are displayed by default and Empty State messages are displayed if there is no search result for the user. You can select what sections are displayed and order the display by moving the sections in the configure mode according to your needs. The state is saved to be displayed the next time you view the Worklog Calendar.

Suggestion Sections in Configure mode

User can hide the Suggestion Sections by clicking the >> icon on the left bottom of the page.

Show or hide Suggestion Section