Compatible with Atlassian's Jira 8.x platform. We've made improvements to timesheets approval and reports. We've also fixed some issues.

  • Improvements
    • When submitting timesheets for approval, the selected approver is now remembered so that the same approver is selected by default the next time a timesheet is submitted. 
    • Report configurations are now remembered.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed: Inconsistent ordering of elements in report filter.

    • Fixed: When users without the correct permissions tried accessing Tempo Settings, they would get a giant "404 Forbidden" error message. Now a more user friendly message is displayed, asking them to contact their administrator or team lead.

    • Fixed: Remaining estimate not updated when logging time in the My Work calendar.
    • Fixed: Problem with the report export.

Upgrading Tempo Timesheets for Server is free for all customers with an active Tempo license. Upgrade Tempo by using the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).

This release is compatible with products listed in the Compatibility Page and comes bundled with the following Tempo plugins:

  • Tempo Core 6.9.0
  • Tempo Accounts 6.9.0
  • Tempo Teams 6.9.0
  • Tempo Planning API 6.9.0