• Viewing time records for team members requires the View Team Worklogs permission. Viewing plans for team members requires the View Team Plans permission.
  • You need to have Tempo Planner version 7.15 or later and Tempo Timesheets version 10.15 or later installed to generate the Planned vs Actual report.

The Planned vs. Actual report shows the time you have planned for your projects and compares it with the actual time team members have logged in their timesheets. This report helps managers, teams, and leads to monitor the progress of their projects and based on the numbers collected from this report they can alter future forecasts.

Watch this video to see how to run a Planned vs Actual report on Tempo for Cloud. All functions are essentially the same on Tempo for Server:

Create the report by selecting Planned vs Actual in the Reports overview Before running the report, you can apply filters to drill down the data, and select whether to compare by user, epic, role, account, or project. You can also use the Filter by and Group by boxes to drill down the information after you have created the report. The report includes logged hours for all projects where you have the View All Worklogs permission. 


Printing the Report

You can export your report to be printed or saved as a PDF file.

To print the report:

  1. On the Export menu to the upper-right, select Print.
  2. A preview of the report is displayed from where you can change the orientation of the report before printing. You can save the report to PDF using the browser print options.

    To display the graphics in the export, make sure that the Background graphics check-box is selected before printing. 

  3. When you are done, click Print.

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