The Log Time form is where you record the time you spend working on Jira issues.

You can access the Log Time form from various locations:

  • Click Log Time in the List view or the desired day in the Time view of the My Work calendar.
  • Drag issues from the Issues side panel onto the My Work calendar.
  • Click an empty cell in your Timesheet, or click the Log Time button.
  • Use the Tempo Tracker in the Jira Issue view.
  • Click Log Time in the Tempo panel of the Jira Issue view.
  • Press w on your keyboard.


Click the search box to display issue lists:

Selecting Issue Lists for the Issue Picker

You can select which tabs to show by , and then Configure issue picker

The top three lists are bolded to show that they are the issue lists that are displayed in the Issues side panel, and in what order. To modify which lists are displayed, simply click the || to the left of the list name and drag the list to the desired location. You can only display three lists in the Issue picker at a time. 

To add JQL filters as tabs in the issue picker, see Using and Configuring the Issues Side Panel for information.

Marking Issues as Favorite

If you are working on many different issues at one time, it can be helpful to mark some of them as favorites, making them easier to access. You can mark an issue as a favorite by clicking the star next to it so it turns yellow, as shown below. All your favorite issues are available on the Favorite tab.

When you no longer need quick access to an issues you have marked as a favorite, simply remove it as a favorite. To remove an issue from your favorites list, click the star again.


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