2019-03-20 | Important API changes as of March 29, 2019

Our APIs are changing to support the Atlassian ID functionality - it is important that you switch to this new version ASAP


We recently made an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT regarding APIs for use with Tempo to support the new Atlassian ID functionality. To ensure that things keep rolling smoothly, it’s very important that your team switches to the new APIs available.

If you are not the administrator of Tempo Timesheets or Tempo Planner, please ensure your Tempo administrator is made aware of this change ASAP.

The following APIs will no longer be supported or will not support all parameters:

Status on March 29, 2019Replaced?
Tempo REST API for Cloud version 2DecommissionedBy version 3
Tempo Servlet API for Cloud

userKey/username no longer supported

Deprecated: Will be removed April 2020 

Changed to support Atlassian accountId instead of userKey/username
Tempo REST legacy API for Cloud (https://api.tempo.io/rest-legacy/DecommissionedBy Tempo REST API for Cloud version 3
mtm/2 APIDecommissionedBy Tempo Servlet API for Cloud

Documentation on the new version of the APIs can be found here

In addition to the APIs that are no longer supported, some reports and exports are affected:

Tempo report exports to XLS and CSV

New columns have been added to support Atlassian ID:

  • User Account ID to replace Username
  • Account Lead ID to replace Account Lead

The report exports include both the old userKey and the new accountId columns until March 29th, when support for the userKey/username will be discontinued.  After that date, the userKey column will no longer contain any data.

Tempo Account import/export

Two new columns will be added to the Tempo Account import template to support the Atlassian accountId. Account Lead Id is a new column corresponding to the existing Account Lead column and Contact Id is a new column corresponding to the Contact column.  These new columns will allow users to start transitioning to the new Atlassian accountId identity model, while still having a reference to the old usernames.

When exporting, both the username and accountId columns will be included in the exported file.

When importing, the old username columns will be used by default, but if they are left empty, the new accountId columns will replace them.

When Atlassian removes the username and user key from their APIs, using the Contact ID and Account Lead ID columns will be required for a successful import.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.


The Tempo Team

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