2020-03-09 | We're Rolling Out a New Log Time Form

Tempo is updating its Log Time form to make it that much easier and faster for you to use 


As part of our ongoing efforts to make it easier and faster for our customers to log time, Tempo is excited to announce that we are releasing a new Log Time form. The new form is configurable so you can decide which fields you want to see and in which order. Any fields you mark as hidden will not be displayed, though you can always see them if needed by clicking on Show hidden fields.  


Just as importantly, we have improved the ability to search for issues to log time against. You can now search and apply filters to your search results to find issues easily. Tempo also gives you suggestions about where to log your time (flagged with a lightning bolt) based on issues you have been working on in Jira.

To learn more about all that the new Log Time form has to offer, you can find more information here. These changes will be rolled out gradually to Tempo customers starting today and will continue over the coming weeks. 

We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Team Tempo

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You can read all about the new Log Time form in our documentation.