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Why do I receive "Issue not found" error when trying to log time?


Why do I receive "Issue not found" error when trying log time?


It may be that the Tempo add-on (Tempo system user) is lacking the Browse Projects permission for the issue's project. This permission is required for apps like Tempo to access issues and function correctly.
Please follow these steps to ensure that this is set correctly: 

  1. Navigate to Jira Settings > Issues > Permission Schemes;

  2. Add the atlassian-addons-project-access  Role to all Project permissions in all Permission schemes that are used in your Jira instance.

  3. Verify if you can now log time on the issue (note that this might take some time to take effect)


The "atlassian-addons-admins" group needs to have the "Browse users and groups" permission in Jira Settings, System, Global permissions so that plugins can check the permissions a user has in JIRA.