Link accounts to issues

This article is for Tempo for Cloud, Server and Data Center


How do I link account to an issue?

Note: When an Account is linked to a Project, existing issues are not automatically updated.


Once the account is linked to the project, please follow the steps below to link the issues to the account:

To add the Tempo Account custom field to the issue view:

1) Go to JIRA Administration (JIRA Settings, on cloud instances)
2) Click in Issues
3) Scroll down to "Custom Fields"
4) Look for the Account Team Custom Field
5) Click the Cogwheel to the right and select Screens from the drop-down.
6) Choose the screen you would like to associate the field to (e.g. the Edit Issue screen).
7) Click Update to save.

Once these steps are done, you can link the issue to the account. Example:

If you associated the field with the Edit or Default screen:

1) Go to the issue you want to link the account to.
2) Click "Edit" and in the edit screen scroll down to where the account field is.
3) Select the account you want to link to the issue
4) Click "Update" in the bottom of the edit screen to save the changes