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How can I share a Tempo report on Data Center?


I have created some reports in Tempo and I would like to share them with other users. How can I achieve that?


The option to share a saved report was added to Timesheets by Tempo in version 16.7.0; please take a look at Sharing Reports for more information
A workaround for earlier versions is to share the URL to the saved report page. Other users will then be able to click on this link to see the content of the same report based on their permissions.

Please note: if you're sharing a newly created report before saving it, just share the URL as it appears on your browser; however, if you're sharing a saved report, please, remove the unique ID from the URL before sharing it with others or the other users will only see a blank screen. 

To remove the unique ID from the saved reports, you need to remove from the slash bar to the last digit of the ID. Please, refer to the example below:


The end result of the link will look something like this: