2020-10-22 | Tempo is Accelerating its Move to Cloud

In conjunction with Atlassian, we will fully support our Server customers in their move to Cloud or Data Center over the course of the next 3 years.


Last week, Atlassian made an announcement regarding its intent to accelerate their journey to a cloud-first company. Over the next 3 years, Atlassian’s Server offerings will be adjusted to eventually lead to a complete transition away from the platform to a Cloud or Data Center deployment. We recognize this will have an impact on Tempo’s Server customers and partners.

Here is what we know right now:

  • Atlassian is simplifying their on-premise offerings and will no longer sell new perpetual licenses for Server and switch to subscription licensing only with Data Center and Cloud as of February 2nd, 2021.
  • Existing Server customers will be able to renew their maintenance until February 2nd, 2024 when Jira Server reaches End-Of-Life, and will be able to purchase new Tempo Server licenses until February 2023. Support for these applications will continue until February 2024.
  • We will continue to invest in and support our Data Center customers beyond 2024, and actively support migrations from Server to Data Center, for those customers looking at that option.

As we have been successfully leaning into the Cloud over the last few years, Tempo was well prepared for this announcement, and, in many ways, we were simply waiting on Atlassian’s timing. This includes our recent efforts to focus on Server to Cloud migrations, and building out required tooling in close collaboration with Atlassian.

Although we are excited about this shift in technology and business models, we recognize that this is going to be a major change for some of our customers and partners. We will do everything in our power to make it easier for all of our Atlassian customers. This includes our commitment to and ongoing support of Server to Cloud migrations, and participation in multiple programs with Atlassian that are aimed at identifying and removing blockers to cloud adoption.

We will be sharing more information in the upcoming weeks and will also be providing a dedicated Server Migration Resource on our Help Center where you will be able to find all the up-to-date resources, so stay tuned.


Team Tempo

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You can find Atlassian's recent announcement here – and Tempo's new Server Migration Guide is here.