2018-11-01 | Big changes to Tempo Server

Several major changes have been made to Tempo Server, please read this carefully before updating.

A new version of Tempo for Server was released at the end of November and it’s a big one! Key changes and features in this release are summarized below, and we’ve provided links to additional information. We’ve also scheduled live webinars to cover the changes;
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We urge you to read through this article carefully before jumping into this update as some of the changes may affect your current workflows. We've expanded access to our Early Access Program to help you manage this change when the time is right. Click here to learn more about participating in the program.

Read the release notes here and don’t forget to bookmark the announcements page to keep up to date with the latest news and upcoming changes.

Watch these how-to videos on our Tempo YouTube channel to get up and running with Tempo for Server!

Manage access to data with greater control

New permission settings allow you to manage access to personal data with precision. If your organization is affected by GDPR, these permission changes give you the control of your data you need to help you achieve compliance; click here for more information about Tempo and GDPR.

Access to worklogs and plans can now be granted directly from Tempo using the new Team Permissions. Previously, the only way to manage worklogs was with the Jira Project Permissions. The table below describes the changes to the permission settings:


Old Permission / Role

New Team Permissions

Users withBrowse team permission

Can see any team where they are added to the list accessed from the 'Team is visible to Specific users' option.

  • Who contains everyone who had Browse team permission

Note: Team members can always see their team

Users with

Plan time permissions

  • View team plans
  • Manage team plans
  • Approve plans

‘Planners: (team name)’ permission group will be created for each team and members migrated

Users with

Approve timesheets

  • View team worklogs
  • Approve timesheets

‘Approvers: (team name)’ - permission group will be created for each team and members migrated

Users in

Team lead role

No migration required as team leads already have all of the permissions above

Users in

Team member role

  • View team plans

Users with

Team administrator global permission

Keep: Team administrator permission (CRUD for teams)

  • Manage team permission for all teams

In addition get:

  • View, Manage and Approve plans

Added to the ‘Planners: (team name)’ group

These permission changes also affect how worklogs and plans are presented in Tempo, including when running reports. With the new permissions, if you run a report that contains data you do not have permissions to view, you will see an “Access restricted” message.

For example

You have permission to view team worklogs for one team of many.
If you run a report that summarizes worklogs for the project, you will see “Access restricted” for all team members for whom you don’t have View Worklogs permission.

You may need to modify permission settings to have access to the data you are trying to view. If you are affected by GDPR, please confirm any changes with your privacy officer regarding your organization's compliance.

A Permission Overview, accessed from Tempo Settings, groups all permissions by type on a single page. You can view a brief description of each permission. For more detailed information , please visit our Help site (where you can also reach out to our support team for assistance). Additionally, you can register for a webinar to go over these changes; click here for the schedule.

  • During the upcoming version update all existing Team permissions will be migrated, so this transition should not affect your current data access. 
  • Tempo Gadgets will respect the data permissions rules you set.

Tempo Timesheets is now better focused on time tracking

In response to feedback from our customers and in-depth research, we are making changes to Tempo Timesheets to hone it into an even more powerful time tracking tool. We’re phasing out certain planning functions and introducing improved reporting features to facilitate your time tracking capabilities. Users maintain the ability to plan time for themselves from within Timesheets and we’ve also introduced settings and permissions that are easier to configure and understand.

Tempo also offers Planner, a powerful tool that helps you easily manage your resource planning to effectively plan your resources. Benefit from increased efficiency, ease of task assignment, tracking, reporting and more with this powerful tool. Click here to learn how easy it is use to use Tempo Planner.

Improved navigation

Tempo has simplified navigation so you can get to the view or application you want to work with more quickly. Key changes include:

  • A refactored Tempo menu that gives you quick access to the core Tempo views, and all Tempo applications you have installed. If you have Tempo Timesheets go direct to My Work to log your hours or plan time for yourself. If you have Tempo Planner, select Planning to go directly to Resource Planning, and if you have Tempo Budgets select Budgets and go directly to Manage Portfolios

A sidebar for quick-access to main Tempo views and applications. The sidebar is displayed once you access Tempo from the Jira menu bar, and remains docked at the left. This makes it very easy to move from one Tempo view or application to another.

Menu Name


My WorkCalendar view in the User Timesheet; just click Timesheet at the top-right to switch


PlanningResource Planning view;  manage resources and access Team planning from this view

BudgetsManage Portfolios view


ReportsReports overview


TeamsTeams view; choose a team and go. Click the Settings button at the top-right to access Team Permissions.


AccountsAccounts viewsee the list, create or choose an account and go 


SettingsEssential Tempo settings you need to perform your administration tasks all in one place

You will still find Tempo administrator permissions and Tempo Access permissions on the Jira > Global Settings page.

A universal My Work 'home page' in Tempo Timesheets for everyone in your organization to log work, or plan their own time in a User Timesheet view.

Finally, we’re moving several Tempo Settings to a dedicated settings page. With this release, you can easily access global configuration settings for the following categories by clicking the Settings icon in the Tempo sidebar:

  • Configuration: Internal issues, Permissions, Work Attributes, Expense categories
  • Working days: Holidays, Workload
  • Periods: Period configuration 
  • Teams: Roles
  • Accounts: Import/Export, Categories, Price Tables.

Issue Security

Jira’s issue security feature will no longer be supported in Tempo which means that Tempo reports will display the issue summary, even when there is an issue-level security scheme configured for that issue. If a user has permission to view plans or worklogs of another user who does have permission to view the restricted issue, then the restricted issue is visible to that first user in the reports. With regards to logging time, users who do not have permission to view issues will not be able to log time against them as a general rule. 

Reporting optimizations

In addition to the changes described above, we’ve also been hard at work improving our reporting functions within Timesheets. You now have more flexibility with filtering and grouping when setting up a report, you can  save custom reports you create and we’ve optimised exporting reports for printable media.

As well, we’ve implemented a few performance improvements, including per web request caching and reducing unnecessary REST API calls to ask for permissions, among others.

API changes

There have also been updates to our APIs; please click here for information about these changes.

We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are and, as always, our support team is standing by if you have any questions or concerns; click here to view our webinar schedule and register.