2019-01-10 | My Work Improvements

Improved UI and several productivity enhancements for My Work
Tempo is excited to release new features and improvements to My Work that will make time tracking even faster and more efficient. You can now more easily manipulate time entry cards and improved header and side panel navigation will speed up time tracking . You can read an overview of all the changes in the Release Notes, and learn more in the Tempo Help Center, but here are the highlights:

New look and feel

Updated header and navigation

  • My work calendar settings, including date and view settings, are now easily accessible under the “View” menu of the My Work page.
  • My Work header now displays your user display name and avatar, and is the same in Calendar and Timesheet.
  • In the timesheet view, the total worked vs required hours have been moved next to the date picker.

New side panel with issue picker

  • My Work side panel has been revamped to display a larger version of the issue picker and allows users to drag and drop issues to their worklogs and plans. Select from lists, of assigned, favourite and recent issues. Note that Jira filters can not yet be added.

Improved card design

  • Can resize worklogs and plans by dragging the tile
  • Icons show if worklogs originate from your calendar or plans
  • Overlapping cards are now stacked, making it easier to click on those that overlap

Planner integration in time view

  • Planned Time is now integrated into My Work both in list and time view.
  • Pending and rejected plans are shaded differently.
  • Card design is consistent with Resource Planning style.
  • When a plan is converted to worklog, the original plan card is hidden from view, even when logged hours are less than planned.
  • Toggle to show or hide rejected plans

Worklog source - Converting Plans and Events

  • Click on a planned time card to quickly convert it into a worklog
  • When a worklog is deleted the original plan or calendar event is displayed again.

There are other amazing features included in this release - please be sure to review the release notes for complete details.

As always, if you have any questions, our support team is happy to help.


Team Tempo

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