2019-02-14 | Changes to Resource Planning and compatibility with Jira 7.x

Better than flowers and chocolate for Valentine’s Day, we’re bringing you improvements to Tempo Timesheet and Tempo Planner Resource Planning


It’s the time of year where many of us are focused on our relationships and how to express our love and appreciation for each other. We are no exception here at Tempo, and we’ve been listening intently to ensure that we bring you something that’s the happy middle ground between gas station chocolates and a vacation in Bali - improved resource planning and time entry functions. Like a husband who takes the hint about loading the dishwasher, we took your feedback to heart and implemented the features outlined below in the February release of Tempo for Server.

Timesheet improvements

We've made some improvements to the timesheet approval workflow that make it easier to submit and approve timesheets:

  • Users are no longer limited to the last 3 periods when submitting timesheets
  • Users with permission to approve timesheets can now do so directly from the user timesheet. The buttons “Approve” and “Reject” have been added to the timesheet view for approvers when viewing the timesheet of another user.
  • We also made it easier for approvers to find the relevant timesheets by navigating directly to it from the Teams Approval page and the approval notification email.

Improved Issue key display in reporting:

  • We tweaked the layout of reports to make space for more content in each of the columns. For example, the issue key column now supports up to 12 characters before truncating.

Save filters in issue picker

You can now add Jira filters or projects to your Tempo Issue picker and My Work side panel:

  • Easy to configure via the My Work Issues side panel configuration
  • Simultaneously set this up for the issue sidebar in My Work and the issue picker mini version
  • Add Jira projects or filters as issue lists
    • Newly added projects/filters are added to the beginning of the issue list
  • Easily remove Jira Filters or project issue lists from the sidebar.

Note that the total number of issue lists is limited to 20. When the limit has been reached a message is displayed.

Planner improvements

This release features some of the more popular requests we’ve been receiving from our clients to improve resource planning and make your day more efficient:

In addition to refining the look and feel of the Resource Planning view:

Plan cards are now displayed in chronological order in the resource planning Days view

You can now expand and collapse the user list with one click in the Resource Planning view.

There are more changes coming to resource planning and timesheets in the next several weeks - stay tuned for more information about those!

A note regarding Jira 8

Changes are being made to Tempo in order to support the upcoming Jira 8 release. For the time being, we will continue to support Tempo separate versions compatible with both Jira 7.x and Jira 8.x. We will be sure to announce with as much advance notice as possible when we make the switch to support Jira 8.x+ exclusively. Until that time, stay tuned for more improvements to resource planning in our versions compatible with Jira 7.x.

As always, our support team is standing by to answer any questions you may have.


Team Tempo

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