2019-03-14 | Latest Resource Planning Features are Here!

Quickly and efficiently plan resources using these amazing new features


We’re excited to spring forward into this latest version of Tempo for Server - for those of you still suffering the ill effects of losing an hour of sleep last weekend, the latest server release is better than an extra dose of caffeine… don’t worry, it’s just as great for those of you who didn’t lose any sleep! In addition to more look and feel improvements and several tooltips to give you all the information you need when planning, we have...

Introduced drag and drop

Save time by dragging and dropping plan cards between days and/or users to easily edit plans without opening the plan dialog.

Implemented Column Sorting

Simplify planning by sorting your resources by display name. Quickly and easily see who has the time to handle the task at hand by sorting your resources by their available hours.

Displayed Approval Status on Cards

Plan cards now display approval status so that reviewers can quickly spot plans that are pending approval. Approval status is shown as colored dots in the plan cards:

green for approved plan,

red for rejected,

yellow for pending approval.

Tooltips make is easy to identify who took action on the plan - hover over the dot to see information about who took action (or who still needs to take action) on the plan.

Made it easier to Expand/Collapse Resources

In the resource planning week view, you can now expand/collapse all resources in a single action.

Introduced the Issues Side Panel

The Resource Planning view now has an issues side panel. The side panel allows you to drag issues directly onto the schedule, and pre-populates the Plan Time dialog box with the selected issue - what a time saver! It integrates with the Tempo Issue Picker that you can customize to ensure you see the issues most relevant to you at each time. For more information, search our Help Center for Configuring the Issue picker.

Bonus time-saving tip for using the side panel:

Configure the side panel with not only your favorite individual Jira filters, but also your frequently used projects and Jira filters for even faster resource planning - drag and drop issues from the side panel directly on to the resource you are planning for.

Introduced Time Planned statistics on issue cards

Wouldn’t it be great to see how much time has already been planned on an issue when trying to decide which resource should be assigned which task? Now you can! Each issue card now displays the amount of time planned in the selected date range to help you determine the best way and the best resource to focus on the task. You can also see information about remaining estimated time on the issue.

Implemented Suggested Plan Times

When planning by dragging issues from the Issues side panel onto the schedule of a resource, the remaining estimate and available hours are used to suggest planned hours. If the remaining hours for the issue are more than the availability of the selected resource on that day, the suggested plan is the available time remaining for that user.  

Example: Issue A has 100 hours remaining. John Smith has 6h available on Tuesday.

When the issue is dragged onto John’s Tuesday, the plan time for displays a suggested plan time of 6 hours. Since we lost our crystal ball somewhere along the way, issues without any remaining time in their estimate will not have any suggested hours.

Deprecated feature removal

As announced earlier this year, there are certain features that will not longer be available - these have been deprecated for quite some time, and the time has come to remove them,

We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we have enjoyed developing them! As always, our support team is standing by for your questions. 

For the complete list of changes in this release, please see the Release Notes.

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