2019-10-11 | Enhanced Reporting for Server and Data Center Customers

We’ve made major improvements to reporting functionalities for Server and Data Center customers

This change applies to Timesheets v. 10.8, Planner v. 7.8 and Budgets v. 13.8


Tempo is happy to announce that we have greatly enhanced reports on our Server and Data Center products. This includes a revamped Reports view, where Timesheets and Planner customers can now access both Logged Time and Planned Time reports. The Planned Time report’s new format -- which is now accessible to our Planner customers -- allows you to see how time has been planned for projects based on teams and individual users.

Both the Logged Time and Planned Time reports are designed to provide our customers with a wide range of options for configuration and customization, including:

  • Sorting data within columns
  • Grouping and filtering data by a range of features, including epics, projects, subtasks, roles and accounts
  • Adding and removing columns and work attributes
  • Exporting report data to .csv or .xls formats

Customized reports can be saved for future use and accessed from the Saved Reports section of the Reports overview page. 

The goal in making these changes is to boost the value of our Planner reporting on Server and Data Center and to bring the reporting functionalities in line with similar improvements that we have made recently to our Cloud offering. We look forward to hearing your feedback.


Team Tempo

Additional information

You can find the latest information about our reporting features in our Reports documentation.

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