2019-10-28 | Tempo is Retiring Support for IE11

Tempo will align with Atlassian by retiring support for IE11

This change applies to all Tempo Cloud and Server products


Atlassian recently announced that it will retire support for Internet Explorer (IE) 11 on its cloud, server and data center products. As a result, Jira 8.5 (Enterprise Release) will be the last version to have features that support IE11.


To align with that decision, Tempo has also decided to retire support for IE11. As with Atlassian, this means that we will not fix bugs that are specific to IE11, and we will begin to introduce features that are not compatible with this browser. This policy will become effective as follows:

  • Support for IE11 will end for Cloud products on March 31, 2020.
  • Our Tempo Timesheets 10.9, Planner 7.9 and Budgets 13.9 Server products will be the last version to support IE11. Support will continue through the products’ end-of-life (2 years from release), during which time Tempo will only consider fixing critical or severe bugs.

The goal in taking this step is to guarantee that our products provide high performance and a great user experience. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.


Team Tempo

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