2020-02-06 | Changes are Coming to the Capacity Report and Planning Features

Upcoming changes will bring a new look and feel to our Capacity Report -- and move access to certain legacy planning features

These changes will apply to Tempo Timesheets v. 10.13 and Planner v. 7.13


As part of our ongoing changes to reporting for our Server customers, Tempo is preparing to release a redesigned Capacity Report. This report will allow you to see the capacity of your employees over a given period of time, both in terms of the amount of time they have planned and their open capacity. The goal is to give you greater visibility into staff utilization on the project, program, team, role and user levels.

In making these changes to the Capacity Report, we will replace the previous team and program capacity reports as well as relocate access to certain key resource planning and reporting features. These will include the following:

  • Team commitment
  • Team planning timeline
  • Program board
  • Previous Team Capacity report
  • Previous Program Capacity report

It is important to note that these features will still be accessible as legacy features, but you will need to enable access to view them. More details on how to do so will be provided when the release date in March draws closer. 


Team Tempo