An account is a new dimension on JIRA Projects, since it is linked to one or more projects. It has attributes like category and customer. Accounts make it possible to link JIRA Issues to an external accounting system and to group issues from many projects under a common entity.

Account Approval Process

Accounts can be approved by users with the Approve Timesheet permission, depending on period management. The period for users with the Approve Timesheet permission needs to be open but closed for team members. This means that the process works only for the month date range. The status for the account is either Approved or Not approved.

Tempo Accounts

Tempo Accounts is a system add-on shipped with Tempo Timesheets. It is used to connect multiple JIRA Projects, customers and responsible parties. 

Account Report

Account Reports are generated from the Account Timesheet data. The reports can be based on different account attributes, e.g. accounts, customers, categories and account lead.

(info) Gives the best report overview (All Accounts option), if Accounts are set as a Work Attribute and the current user has the Browse Projects Project Permission for all the JIRA Projects. 

Account Timesheet

The Account Timesheet displays logged work on accounts for a designated period. Statuses for the Account Approval Process are also displayed.


Activities used in 'Tempo Timesheets' and 'Planning' include: JIRA Project, version, and component.

Advanced Timesheet

The Advanced Timesheet displays worked and planned (if enabled) time for a designated period and gives users the option to customise their timesheet view, through pre-defined filters. Invalid worklogs is the standard filter, that is only available in this timesheet. The timesheet is also available in report and list view.

Atlassian Marketplace

Atlassian provides the Atlassian Marketplace to connect add-on developers to customers with a unified purchasing experience. The Marketplace experience makes it easy for users to manage, upgrade, and renew their licenses. Tempo licenses for JIRA download have been migrated to the Atlassian Marketplace. Tempo OnDemand is not yet available on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Internal Activities

Internal Activities used in Tempo time sheets and Planning include: JIRA Project, version, and component. The Internal Activities feature is intended for vacation planning and other out-of-office time (i.e., meetings, sick time, etc.).

License Details

License Details refer to your current Tempo licensing information, and include the type of license, the party to whom the license is issued, the issue date, expiration date, Tempo and JIRA user limits, and license versions.

Project Timesheet

The Project Timesheet shows the progress for a selected project and date range. It is also possible to view a breakdown of versions or components. The timesheet is also available in report and list view.


The Reports feature allows users to generate an overview of projects, Activities, JIRA issues, and planned and logged work (Worklogs). User Reports, Project Reports, and Advanced Reports are available.

Team Timesheet

The Team Timesheet displays worked and planned (if enabled) time for a designated period and a Tempo team. It is also possible to view a breakdown of versions or components. The timesheet is also available in report and list view.

Tempo Administrators

JIRA Administrators can give Tempo Administrators permission to selected JIRA groups to handle administrative options that might change frequently. The permission gives access to a subset of the administrative tabs in Tempo Timesheets: Internal Issues, Non Working Days, Period Management, Worklog Validation and Workload Schemes.

Tempo Services

The Tempo services are designed as a Machine-to-Machine communication and are usually not used by normal users. The services provide ALL worklogs, regardless of permissions. The services should therefore be used with care and should only be open to a limited number of people/computers. JIRA administrators control access to the Tempo services with IP address filtering.

Tempo Gadgets

Tempo Gadgets are special optional features that may be added to a user's JIRA dashboard or on a page in Confluence. 

Tempo License Key

A Tempo License Key is the unique identifying code issued for Tempo license that is purchased, renewed, or upgraded, and must be entered into either the Universal Plugin Manager (if the license is purchased through the Atlassian Marketplace) or in the Tempo license key field (if the license is purchased through Tempo) to activate Tempo.

Tempo Scheduler

The Tempo Scheduler can be used by JIRA admins to limit users to adding and editing worklogs within an designated period by selecting 'Weekly' or 'Biweekly' as a period type.

If the Tempo Scheduler is configured with some email settings, all members in the designated Tempo groups will receive an email according to the configuration.

Time Planning

Users in Tempo can designate the amount of time expected for an Activity (designated by Issue, Project, Component, Version, or Internal Activity) for a designated date or period. 


A 'Timesheet' provides an overview of total Time Tracking registered for 'Activities' and 'Internal Activities' within a designated period, and is viewable by User, Project, Team, and Account. An Advanced Timesheet is also viewable.

Timesheet Approval Process

Users may submit their Timesheets monthly or weekly for approval, and users with the Approve Timesheet permission are provided with an overview of each user's workflow status. This feature must be enabled using the 'Global Configuration'.

Time Tracker

Tempo's Time Tracker is a real-time time tracking mechanism that works as a stopwatch and allows users to track time spent on working on a particular JIRA issue as they complete it. 

Time Tracking

Time Tracking is the process by which Tempo enables its users to track planned and allocated time on Activities in JIRA. 

Universal Plugin Manager (UPM)

The UPM is a feature offered by Atlassian that allows JIRA admins to manage installed JIRA add-ons, check for upgrade compatibility, search for other add-ons, and install licenses immediately.

User Timesheet

The 'User Timesheet' gives the user an overview of the total 'Time Tracking' for the selected period, and an option to log work and edit worklogs.


An individual record of the time that is worked by a user on a specific issue for a specific length of time.

Workflow Approval Process

Activities used in 'Tempo Timesheets' and 'Planning' include: JIRA Project, version, and component.

Work Attributes

Attributes can be created and added to worklogs. An example of a work attribute is a simple true/false value such as "Overtime," "Not Billable," or "Driving Cost," or more complex Dynamic Drop-downs that are populated by a JSONP script. These attributes are stored as a key-value pair within the worklogs.
By using the expenditure item as a work attribute, the user has the option to select from all expenditure items mapped to the project to link the item with the worklog instead of the JIRA issue.

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