Tempo Project Managers Role

  • Tempo Project Managers role is a legacy role that is being phased out with Tempo Timesheets version 8.1. The role might not be available in your Tempo Timesheets.
  • If this role is available, users in this role no longer automatically have permission to view all worklogs of a project. However, you might have granted users in this role other permissions, which are still valid.

Configuring the Role

The Tempo Project Managers role is configured in the Administration for each JIRA Project.

To configure the Tempo Project Managers role:

  1. Log in to JIRA as a Project Administrator.
  2. Choose the Projects option from the cog icon cog wheel icon at top at top right of the screen.
    (tick) Keyboard shortcutg + g + start typing project
  3. Click on the project name from the project list, to open it's Administration section.
  4. Open the Roles screen from the left sidebar, where the role is configured and/or updated. 

The Roles screen in the Administration of the Turtle Online Store project (click to enlarge)

See Managing Project Roles JIRA documentation for more information on Project Roles