Time Planning

The time planning functionality makes it possible for users to plan time on Issues or Activities.

(info) Activities refers to a JIRA project, it's version or component

Required permission: Team members can plan time for themselves to work on issues. Team leads and other users who have Plan Time permission for the team can plan time for all members of the team. See also the information about Plan Time permission on the following page: Granting permission to users.

The planned time is displayed in all timesheet views and in Planned Time dashboard gadgets. The time planning feature helps both team leads and their team members to get an overview of planned time and can aid in logging work.

Planned time is displayed with background colors and bars in timesheet grid view, shown in the screenshot below. The User timesheet displays planned work for each user while Team Timesheet shows a schedule for the entire team across multiple projects. The Project Timesheet gives an overview of which users are planned to work on the project in a given period, broken down by Activity.

Team Lead John has planned time for team member Paul

The details of the color coding in the screenshot above is as follows:

  • John has planned time on Paul in one version of the AKA project, that sums up to 19 hours.
  • He has also logged 4 hours in another version of the AKA project.
  • 8 hours are planned for take two half vacation days, through the INT project.
  • 6 hours are planned on the CLOUD project and 4 on the WIKK project.
  • The normal planning colour is orange for the bars and cell background is light yellow-orange.
    (info) Depending on how many hours are planned the length of the bar is displayed as the closest ratio to 25, 50, 75 or 100%
  • Paul is over allocated on Monday 3rd of June, e.g. he is only required to work 8 hours according to his Workload Scheme. This means the bar becomes red for this day.
  • His logged hours are displayed with a green coloured bar.
    (info) Since he has only finished 4 out of 8 required hours, the bar is only covering 50% of the cell length. Once the planned hours have been logged, only the green bar is displayed.
  • The planned vacation is done on the INT project, which is an Internal Activity and the background is light red instead of light yellow-orange.
  • The planning bars for the CLOUD and WIKK projects are displayed in purple and blue respectively. This means that the colours have been configured differently on the Project Administration page.

Tip: Planning work for weekends and public holidays

Since the release of Tempo Timesheets 8.6 it is possible to create plans on weekends

Weekend days and public holidays that are covered by a plan do not normally contribute to the number of planned hours. However, you can make weekend days and public days count as work days by both starting and ending a plan on a weekend day or public holiday.

Then, the number of working hours for all weekend days and public holidays that are covered by the plan is defined by the JIRA Time Tracking setting Number of working hours per day.

If a plan starts on a weekend day or public holiday but does not end on a weekend day or public holiday, or the other way around, only normal work days contribute to the number of planned hours.

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