Setting up Tempo Timesheets

  • If an administrator has already set up your Tempo Timesheets, you can skip to videos about using Tempo Timesheets.

  • The setup instructions below are for Tempo Timesheets 8.1 and later. You can also view setup instructions for earlier server versions.

  • If you need assistance with setting up or using Tempo Timesheets, please log a request with our support team.

The basic setup

Configuring initial settings and permissions

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

  1. Activate JIRA time tracking.
  2. Configure worklog options.
  3. Configure the following settings:
    • The day of the month that timesheet monthly periods begin on
    • The first day of the week
  4. Grant global and project permissions to users or to groups of users

Configuring the working week and public holidays

Required permission: Tempo Administrators or JIRA Administrators

  1. Define a working week.
  2. Specify public holidays.
Optional extra setup tasks
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Setting up teams

A team might consist of, for example, the people in one department of your company, or it might be a scrum team if you work in an agile software development environment. You can set up teams in Tempo Timesheets so that team leads and other specified users can, for example, view and approve the timesheets of team members or plan time for team members to work on issues.

Configuring initial settings for teams

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

  1. Customize team role names.
  2. Add the Team field to screens.
Creating and configuring individual teams

Required permission: Tempo Team Administrators

  1. Create teams.

  2. Configure basic team information.

  3. Add team members.

  4. If JIRA users who are not on the team must be able to view team information, grant those users Browse Team permission.

  5. If JIRA users other than the team lead must be able to approve the timesheets of team members, grant those users Approve Timesheet permission. See also the task below about enabling the timesheet approval process.

  6. Link teams to projects and boards.

Enabling the timesheet approval process

You can enable the timesheet approval process, whereby team members can submit their timesheets for review once a month or once a week, and team leads or other specified users can approve or reject the timesheets.

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

Configuring the timesheet approval process.

Adding custom fields to worklog forms

You can add custom fields to the form that users fill out when they log work. These custom fields are called worklog attributes. Examples of fields are Overtime, Account, and Transport Costs. You can also view the field content in timesheet reports.

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

Adding custom fields (worklog attributes) to worklogs.

Setting up accounts and accounting options

You can set up Tempo accounts for the following purposes:

  • Linking issues to external systems
  • Grouping issues from multiple JIRA projects
  • Viewing billing or revenue reports
  • Keeping track of customers and contact information

You can also configure whether certain users can set billed hours as well as worked hours and whether they can export lists of account worklogs as PDF files.

Configuring initial settings for accounts

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

Creating and configuring individual accounts

Required permission: Tempo Account Administrators

Configuring time-planning options

By default, team leads and users can do the following tasks:

  • Team leads and other users with Plan Time permission can plan time for team members to work on particular projects, versions, components, and issues.
  • Users can plan their own time.
  • Users can submit approval requests for time that they plan.

You can turn these options on or off.

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

Setting up Tempo Timesheets.

Scheduling timesheet closing dates and reminders

Within a timesheet monthly period, you can schedule intermediate (for example, weekly) closing dates after which previous days can no longer be edited. You can also schedule reminders to be sent to users to finish editing their timesheets or to submit their timesheets.

Required permission: JIRA Administrators

Configuring timesheet closing dates and reminders.

Setting up issues for general occurrences, such as vacation, sickness, and staff meetings

You can use internal issues for general occurrences that are not related to specific work projects.

Required permission: Tempo Administrators or JIRA Administrators

Setting up Tempo Timesheets

Setting up Tempo Timesheets gadgets on JIRA dashboards

You can set up several Tempo Timesheets gadgets on JIRA dashboards and Confluence pages and add Tempo Timesheets activities to the JIRA Activity Stream.

Required permission: Some gadgets can be set up by any Tempo Timesheets user. Other gadgets require Approve Timesheets permission.

Adding Tempo Timesheets gadgets.

Tempo Timesheets for Server Documentation
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