Required permission

Browse Team permission for the team


To open the overview page for a team, click on the team link in the Browsing a Team.

The overview page for the Azome Web Dev team (click to enlarge)

The numbers on the screenshot, are explained in the table below.

Table: Explaining the numbered items from the screenshot above

Item NumberDescription


Overview, Reports and Configuration tabs for the team.

(info) The Configuration tab is displayed in all teams for users with Tempo Team Administrators permission. The tab is displayed for Team Leads in their own teams.


There are two header menus. The first menu has three options; To go back to the Teams Browser, to open the Accounts Browser and to open JIRA Agile Boards browser (given JIRA Agile is installed).

(info) Note that JIRA Agile needs to be set-up for the Boards option to be available.

The second menu shows all the teams that the current user has access to and by selecting a new team the page below the header displays the new team.

Select a browser

Select a new team


(info) Note the GC Product Devlopment link next to those menus, which opens the program the team belongs to.

The Overview page displays a few items for the team. The first item is the Mission for the team, which is defined afterwards on the Configure screen in the Configuration.
This item gives an overview of the Team Links (Projects or Scrum Boards) linked to the team. The linking is done on the Links page. By clicking on either a Project or the linked Scrum Board, the respective JIRA Project and JIRA Agile Scrum Board pages are displayed.
The Agenda section is only shown if Tempo Planner is installed and if it has active/upcoming iterations or sprints planned on the team. Some statistics are also shown for these Agenda items.

The People section displays all the members of the team, e.g. their name, Roles and Availability. The names are sorted alphabetically from left to right and then down the page. The lead of the team is displayed, either just as Team Lead or Team Lead & other role + xx%, with her/his title shown in bold letters.

Member pop-up

  • By hovering over the name of a member, her/his pop-up profile is displayed, as in the left screenshot.

  • Clicking on the Activity link in the member pop-up, opens the activity stream in the user's Profile.
  • More -> Profile, opens the user's Profile.
  • More -> Current Issues, opens the JIRA Issue Search with the user's current issues.
  • More -> Administer User, opens the JIRA User Management - Users - the selected user. (This is only available for users that are JIRA Administrators).

Future members are shown in a box below the current members, and are either existing JIRA users (or current employees) or new hires (jane smith will join Azome Web Dev - Nov 24, 2014).

(info) When a JIRA user has been created for the new hire, the names can be mapped together.

The Tempo Team Timesheet does only show active memberships at any given date range. This means for example that user Bob Johnson, who is joining Team Tango during April, will only be displayed in the Team Timesheet during that month.

  • The Team tab/button refreshes the current page.
  • If Tempo Planner is installed a Planning tab/button is displayed. Click on the button to open the Planner Timeline.
  • If Tempo Timesheets is installed, a Time Tracking tab/button is displayed to open the Team Timesheet for the team.
  • The Reports drop-down has the same options, as detailed on the Browsing a Team page.