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Configuring periods and start dates for Timesheets

Required User Permission: Tempo Administrator

Each Timesheet is tied to a specific period of time for tracking time, reporting, and planning. If you are a Tempo Administrator, you can define these periods.

A default monthly period is used for closing periods, workflows, and billing. It is possible to configure a second period with a different start date and switch between the two periods in all views, for example if you have a pay period that is different from the period used for billing customers. The second period is mostly used for reporting and cannot be used for closing periods and workflows.

By default, monthly periods begin on the first day of every month and the first period of the year is in January. You can select different start dates.

You can also specify whether Timesheets should be approved on a monthly or weekly basis. For weekly periods, you can select any day as the start day for the week.


If you use weekly approvals and change the start day for the week, all previously approved weeks appear as if they have not been submitted for approval. The previously approved worklogs will remain approved in the database even though the view shows them as unsubmitted after the date change.

To define a start date for periods:

  1. Click the Administration icon  in the upper-right corner, and then select Add-ons on the drop-down menu.
  2. Under Tempo in the sidebar on the left, click Period Configuration.
  3. Make the desired changes to the period settings:
    1. Monthly Periods. select the start month and date for the default period. To activate a Second period, you need to select a different date than for the Default period. If you use both periods, it is possible to select which period is rendered in Timesheets and Reports.
    2. Weekly Periods: select any day as a start day for a weekly period.
    3. Periods Used for Approvals: select either Monthly or Weekly as the length of Timesheet approval period.

Switching between default and second period in the view

If you have activated a second monthly period, you can select which period to display in the view. Click the date picker in the Reports or the Timesheet, and then select which period to display. 

The reports date picker

The Timesheets date picker. Make sure Month is selected, and then select the desired period.

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