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Configuring basic team information

You can edit the following basic information about a team: team name, summary description, team lead, the program (or group of teams) to which the team belongs in Tempo Planner, and the team's mission.

Required permission

One of the following permissions or roles:

  • JIRA Administrators permission
  • Tempo Team Administrators permission
  • Team Lead role


The following Tempo Planner video tutorial is valid also for other Tempo products.


To configure basic team information, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the team configuration page (Tempo > TEAMS more > name of team > Configuration).

  2. In the Configure Team area, you can edit the team name, summary description, team lead, associated program, and mission.


    • Only users with Tempo Team Administrators or JIRA Administrators permission can change the team lead.
    • For Tempo Planner only: For information about programs, see the related topic below.
  3. Click Update.