Tempo Scheduler

JIRA Administrators can use the Tempo Scheduler both to schedule closure and reminders for adding and editing worklogs within an open period. If the Scheduler is configured with Email settings, all team members will receive an email according to the configuration.

A sample email from the Tempo Email Robot

The table below explains the different sections of the email as in the screenshot above.

Table: Tempo Email Robot sections explained 

Email SectionDescription
Timesheet status

This is the timesheet status taken on the minute that the email was sent.

(info) In this example the user Erica needs to log 8 hours of work before the closure on 6th of August 2013 at 23:59 GMT

Default period status

Shows the total logged hours vs. total required hours from the first day of the period until the schedulers closing day.

The next line shows similar information for the whole period.

2nd period statusSimilar information as for the default period above, given the 2nd period has been configured.
Greetings from the email robotGreetings from the Tempo Email Robot and the reason for the email being sent.
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