Worklog Permissions 

  • You can access and use Tempo Timesheets only if you have Work On Issues permission for at least one JIRA project.
  • You can log work in Tempo Timesheets only if Time tracking is ON in JIRA.
  • If you don't have Work On Issues permission for certain projects, you can view only your own worklogs for those projects.
  • If you have 'Log Work for Others' permission for a project, you can log work on behalf of other users who have permission to log work for that project.

Editing Worklogs 

Worklogs can be edited according to permission settings in JIRA Project Permissions if issue is editable. There are other restrictions for editing worklogs used in Tempo Timesheets and can be configured according to your needs. The features that may affect worklog editing in Tempo are Period managementTimesheet Approval Process and Tempo Scheduler.

Worklog Properties 

A worklog logged in Tempo has the following properties

  1. Owner - JIRA user who is signed in and and logs work is the owner. Worklog owner can not be changed.
    1. This can be the selected user if Tempo Team leader has a permission to log work for Team members.
  2. Worklog - Date/Time and Hours worked
  3. Attributes - Worklog description, Billed hours, Tempo work attributes
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