Tempo JQL Functions

This page explains JQL functions for Tempo Timesheets, which make it possible to include Tempo data in the JIRA advanced search.

(info) The functions can accept one or more argument(s)/value(s), given the accept an argument or a value.


This function returns all internal issues, that the user has JIRA permissions to browse.

(info) It doesn't take any arguments, simply returns all issues that fall under the category of being internal.

issuekey in internalIssues()


The team function allows you to search for team members, that are for example either the JIRA issue assignee or reporter.

(info) It takes the team name as argument.

assignee in team("Team Tango")
reporter in team("Team Wikkieea")


Finally the function tempoEpicIssues, makes it possible to search for issues that are of type Epic and return all stories that are assigned to the Epic. 

(info) It takes the issue key of the Epic as an argument and returns all of it's stories and sub-tasks.

issue in tempoEpicIssues("WIKK-19","WDP-1")

Searching for accounts

For information about Tempo JQL functions for searching for accounts in a JIRA advanced search, see Searching for accounts.

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