Archiving in Data Center

Archiving is used to store away projects and issues that are no longer active to clear up some space. Archiving projects will hide all its information and remove all access to it. When you do this, the projects and issues are no longer accessible by add-ons. This will not permanently delete any data, it simply will not be accessible. You can unarchive an archived project or issue to make it accessible again. Unarchiving Jira projects will bring back projects and issues. Re-indexing will be required if unarchiving does not work. See Archiving a project for more.

Here’s a breakdown of what happens to each component of Jira when you archive them:


  • The project will be restricted, and can't be viewed by anyone (not even JIRA administrators). The only way to see the issues and information about the project is to restore it by unarchiving it.

  • The project will no longer appear in project pickers, list of projects, search results, or JQL auto-complete. It won't be visible anywhere other than on the Archived projects page.

  • Configuration:

    • Archiving a project won't affect the configuration it uses (schemes, screens, workflows, etc.) The configuration remains active and is still shared with other projects. If you change it, the changes will also apply to an archived project once it's restored.


  • Similarly to the project itself, issues will no longer appear in search results.

  • Issues will become read-only. You won't be able to modify them, but you can still view them either through direct links or mentions in other projects or applications.

  • Folios that contain archived issues will no longer be able to display information related to the archived issues. This will impact the scope size and related metrics such as completion ratio, schedule performance index (SPI), etc.

Customer Portal:

  • The customer portal will be restricted, and can't be viewed by anyone.

  • The customer portal will no longer appear in the Help Center navigation. If you access a customer portal link, you will receive a message advising you that the Service desk does not exist.


  • Project data will be ignored in the index, and removed completely once you re-index JIRA. This improves performance by removing data that is stored directly in JIRA.