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Viewing your resources in Resource Planning requires the View Team Plans permission for the teams to which the resources belong - see Team Permissions.

The Resource Planning view shows the availability of your resources and lets you see at a glance who's fully booked, who has available hours, and who is overbooked. The view shows all the members of the teams that are visible to you, but you can focus on the who you want to see in the view by filtering the resources.

You can plan time for your resources using the Weeks view for the big picture, or switch to the Days view that offers more details for the current week. 

To open the Resource Planning view, select Planning  in the Tempo sidebar. The Weeks view is displayed by default.

The Weeks view

The Weeks view provides a high-level overview of resource availability and is optimized for managing long-term plans. This view helps resource managers and directors plan further ahead in the future, allowing them to see who's available and then make plans for their projects. See Resource Planning for more information.


What is it?

What does it do?


 Planner icon

Opens Tempo Planner to the Resource Planning view - what you're looking at here!


Date picker

Select the time period for viewing and planning time:

  • Use the navigation arrows to jump forwards or backwards one week or month at a time.
  • Click the date picker to open the calendar and modify the date range so that you can find the plan data you need.

See Selecting a Planning Period for more information.


Filter field

Click in the Filter field to display a list of options for selecting who's displayed in the Resource Planning view - see Filtering the Resources.

DCalendar Header

Displays each day in the weeks that you have selected with the date picker (B). By default, 5 weeks from the start of the current week are displayed in the Weeks view, but you can choose to display any time period you like

To quickly switch to the Days view, click any week in this header.


Resources list

View all resources who you have permission to view. You can filter the resources displayed here using a filter you select in the Filter field (C). 

Click the triangle > next to User or each resource's name to expand them. When a resource's plans are expanded, you can see the plans for each Jira issue and that issue's current status.

See Viewing Resources and Their Plans for more information.



The main area for viewing and creating plans. Each resource has a timeline where you can see the number of hours that are planned for each day. 

Colored capacity indicators let you quickly see how their time is allocated:

  • Green checkmark is just right - this resource is fully allocated for that day.

  • Yellow progress bar shows that there's still some room left in their day. The number of hours that are already allocated is shown.

  • Red bar shows that they're too busy! The total number of hours for which they're allocated is shown.

See Viewing Resources and Their Plans and Planning Time for Resources for more information.


This is what it's all about! Create plans for each resource and view them - see Planning Time for Resources for more information.

Click a plan to view its details or edit it - see Modifying Plans in the Resource Planning View for more information.

HFooterDisplays how much time is available in total for the resources each week in the selected time period.
IIssues side panel

Displays Jira issues from predefined JQL searches. You can drag an issue from this panel onto a resource's timeline to create a plan.

To expand and collapse the Issues side panel, click the arrow in the middle of the right border. You can also toggle Show Issues Side Panel from the View menu (J).

See Finding Issues for Planning Time and Planning Time for Resources for more information.


Opens a menu with options that let you customize the Resource Planning view:

  • Show Weekends - Days view only. Save some space and turn this off if you don't need to see weekends!
  • Show Rejected Plans - displays plans even though they've been rejected by the reviewer - see Approving Plans.
  • Show Large Cards - Days view only. Allows for more text to be displayed on the plan.
  • Show Issues Side Panel - toggles this panel on the right (I) for finding Jira issues and dragging them to the calendar - see Finding Issues for Planning Time.



Switches to the Days view to see your plans for the week. This view is optimized for team leads, managers, and resources to plan time at a more detailed level.  See below for more information.

LWeeksSwitches to the Weeks view for longer-term planning - what you're looking at here!



Opens an overflow menu that directs you to other parts of Tempo Planner for team planning:

NPlan TimeCreates a plan. The Plan Time form opens without any information filled in yet - see Planning Time for Resources for more information.



​Opens an overflow menu where you can select Planned Time to generate a Planned Time report on the current data that you have filtered in the Resource Planning view. This is a quick way to get a report on exactly what you want!

The Days view

The Days view displays detailed information for the plans for the week and is optimized for managing single day plans.  If you're a team lead or department manager, you'll find this view useful to do things like moving and copying plans to other team members to balance the allocation of work. If you're viewing your own plan, this is a great way to see what you have planned for the week. See Planning for Teams and Planning Your Own Time for more information.

By default, the Days view displays the current week from the start of the week, but you can choose to display any time period you like

Many of the features here are the same as in the Weeks view, except for how plans are displayed. Plans for Jira issues are displayed as cards on each day, ordered by their start time.

You can create plans in different ways here (see Planning Time for Resources), and click a plan to view its details or edit it - see Modifying Plans in the Resource Planning View for more information.