First Steps for Setting Up Tempo Timesheets

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Just starting out with Tempo Timesheets? Follow these first steps to set it up to give the employees in your company a great experience.

You'll need Jira administrator permissions for these tasks:

1 - Select Tempo as Your Time Tracking Provider

Make sure that Tempo Timesheets is set as your time tracking provider on your Jira instance. This should be the case automatically after you install Tempo Timesheets, but if it's not, nobody will be able to use it! 

See Selecting Tempo as Your Time Tracking Provider for how to do this. 

2 - Give Access to Tempo Timesheets

Make Tempo Timesheets available to the employees in your organization with the Tempo Timesheets Access permission in the Jira Global permissions - see Managing Access to Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner

All Jira software users have access to Tempo Timesheets by default if they're in the jira-software-users Jira group on your Jira instance. If that's all you need, then you're good to go.

But if this doesn't work for your organization, or if you've changed the memberships to this default Jira group, then you need to give access to the correct Jira group or groups. Maybe only certain departments in your company need to use Tempo Timesheets? For example, you can give access initially to a small group for evaluation or the beginning of your Tempo Timesheet rollout plan. Then add employees to the group when you're ready for everyone to use it. Having a Jira group set up for this makes it easy to add or remove employees as your company changes.

It's best to create a Jira group with all Tempo users in it first, then give Tempo Timesheets Access permission to that group.

3 - Grant these Administrator Permissions

 While you're in the Jira Global permissions, grant the Tempo AdministratorTempo Team Administrator, and Tempo Account Administrator permissions to the appropriate group of administrators in your company.

These are permissions that Tempo adds to the Jira Global permissions - see Global Permissions for how to grant them.

As a Jira administrator, you automatically have these permissions, but you can assign them to others.

4 - Grant these Jira Project Permissions

Make sure that everyone in your company has all the essential Jira Project permissions they need to work in Tempo Timesheets. 

These are standard Jira Project permissions that Tempo uses - see Project Permissions for how to grant them. 

  • Grant the Browse Projects, Work on Issues, Edit Own Worklogs, and Delete Own Worklogs permissions to a Jira group that includes all Tempo users. 
  • Grant the View All WorklogsEdit All Worklogs, and Delete All Worklogs permissions to the appropriate Jira groups of managers and team leads in your company.

Check out this video to see how to do these first steps!

Watch this video to learn all about Tempo permission basics!

Need to set up more?

You can continue with these following steps depending on how your company is using Tempo Timesheets. Once you're done with those, Tempo Timesheets will be fully set up and ready to use for your organization!

Check the Best Practices for ideas on how to set up Tempo Timesheets for the best possible experience for your company.