Why Migrate to Data Center?

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Tempo for Data Center: Scale without compromising on performance

With Atlassian, we’re continually investing in our Cloud products to make them a great choice for many organizations. For some businesses, however, a migration to the Cloud is not possible, or at the very least a long way off. For those organizations still needing a self-managed edition, Tempo for Data Center is a great option that provides powerful, enterprise-level functionality. 

Tempo is enterprise-ready and has been for years. Tempo apps are verified to support the Data Center deployment option for Jira with the best possible user experience and support. With state-of-the-art technology, Tempo provides optimal performance for even the most complicated setup or environment. By running multiple nodes and clusters, Tempo ensures the availability of strategic tools that are business-critical for enterprise operations. 

The enhanced scalability that comes with Tempo for Data Center allows the toolset to grow with the company in an agile manner, both in terms of licensing and technical setup.

Watch these short videos to get an overview of how you can map out your migration to Tempo Data Center:

Business Benefits of Data Center

  • Discover performance at scale for business-critical Tempo applications, which are proven to perform in high load situations in larger environments. Tempo applications feature high availability and detailed access controls with customized setup for enterprise teamwork. Manage global access to time and planning data and bulk-manage your staff across multiple teams and geographically dispersed resources.

  • Make sure your Tempo applications are secure and compliant. Cyber security is a big concern with all organizations, and particularly those working in highly regulated environments. 

  • Tempo apps offer proven reliability and fast response times.

  • Access controls and flexible configuration options let you tailor your workflows for enterprise teams.

Target Market

  • Larger companies

  • Enterprises not ready for Cloud

  • Companies who use Jira and Tempo critically and need to manage changes in a controlled way.

Want to learn more? Just read our Server to Data Center Migration Guide​ and we will help you navigate your migration from Server to Data Center.