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Opening and closing timesheet periods requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Monthly timesheet periods are either open or closed. Open timesheet periods allow team members or those with the Approve Timesheet permission to log time. It is not possible to log time for closed periods.

  1. Select Settings  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Under Periods, select Period Management.
  3. By default, all periods for the current year are listed. You can select a different year from the drop-down at the top-right.
  4. Select a status for the periods:
    1. Open for all - anyone can log time during this period.
    2. Open for approvers - Team Leads or users who have the Approve Timesheets permission for the team can log time during this period. 
    3. Closed for all - no one can log time for this period.
  5. The settings are saved automatically.


Open for approvers: If you are a Team Lead, you cannot approve your own timesheet and must select a reviewer when you submit your timesheet. If there are no Reviewers available in the drop-down, you will need to be added to a team with an approver, or add an approver to your team by granting them the Approve Timesheets permission. 

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