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Viewing worklogs for other team members in Tempo Reports requires the View All Worklogs and Browse Projects permissions for each project.

To get started with Tempo Reports, select Reports  in the Tempo sidebar. You'll then land in the Reports Overview page, where you can create new reports and access saved reports.

There are three types of reports you can create:

  • The Logged Time report provides a quick overview of the time spent on projects. You can create reports combining multiple teams, projects, accounts, users and issues - and you can group your results by issue, user, project, team, or worklog, or any combination of those. This report is available if you have Tempo Timesheets.

  • The Planned Time report shows the time that has been planned on projects based on teams and individual users. In both cases, you can opt to display total hours worked and billable hours. This report is available if you have Tempo Planner.

  • The Planned vs Actual report gives an understanding of the accuracy of your planning by comparing the time that has been planned versus the actual time that was logged. You can compare the variance between planned and actual hours by project, epic, role, user, and account. This report is available if you have both Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner.

Get an Overview with Sample Reports

When you first visit the Reports Overview page, you will see a sample Tempo report displayed in the lower half of the view. This gives you an overview of the key functionalities and filters you can use when you create reports of your own. 

Once you have created and saved reports, the sample reports will disappear and your saved reports will be displayed as tiles in this lower section. This report library makes it easy for you to open or run a saved report, modify it and save your changes, or make a copy of the report.

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