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Managing resources in Resource Planning requires the View Team Plans permission for the teams to which the resources belong.

Proper resource planning is critical for any organization, and the Resource Planning view gives you the tools you need:

  • Resource managers can optimize available resources and find the resources needed for tasks and projects, even from other teams.
  • Executives can look at where resources have time available to understand where business opportunities lie or determine whether more staffing is needed.
  • Resource managers can make more effective decisions based on comprehensive real-time data rather than static calendars. 
  • Teams can get organized with simple and efficient communication of priorities.

The Resource Planning view is invaluable as a visualization tool, allowing you to see all your resources along with their time allocation. At a glance, you see who has available hours and who is overbooked for the designated time period. 

 There are two main view options: get the big picture with a longer time period in the Weeks view, or focus on the daily details in the Days view.  

The resource list on the left can be sorted and expanded so you can view plan details for each resource. You can see only the members of the teams that are visible to you. And you can customize exactly which resources you want to see using filters.

After you have selected a planning period, you can plan time for your resources or team members at the issue or project level directly on the timeline or by dragging issues from the Issues side panel. 

Resource Planning - Weeks view

Resource Planning - Days view