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Creating a Tempo tracker requires the Work on Issues permission for the project the issue is in.

A tracker is a Tempo stopwatch that can be used to record time spent working on an issue. Once started, it continues to record time until it is paused. After you've completed your work, you can quickly save your tracked time as a time record.

To add a Tempo tracker in the Jira issue view:

  1. Open the issue you are working on, and then click Open Tempo on the right-hand side to expand the Tempo side panel.
  2. Click Add. You can enter a description for the tracker.
  3. You can add another tracker at any time. 

Starting and Stopping the Tracker

Use the controls to start and stop your tracker. Click Play  to start timing and Pause  to stop. The tracker will run in the background, even if the view is closed.

When you have finished work on the issue, you can save tracked time as a time record. Clicking  in the tracker opens the Log Time form with Time spentStart time, and End time automatically recorded from the tracker. When the time record is submitted, the tracker closes.


The time recorded is rounded down to the nearest minute.

Clearing a Tracker

You can delete a tracker from the issue view without logging time on the issue. In the Jira issue view, find the tracker you want to delete, and click the X at the right hand side.

Adding Tempo Trackers to Your Jira Dashboard

You can also track time against an issue by using the trackers on your dashboard in the same way as you would use them in the issue view. When you add the Tempo Tracker gadget to your dashboard, it automatically includes all of your existing trackers and provides an option to create new trackers.

To add a tracker to your Jira dashboard:

  1. Go to your Jira dashboard.
  2. Click Add gadget at the upper-right.
  3. Type tempo trackers into the search box.
  4. Click Add gadget. All your trackers are added to your dashboard.
  5. Click Close and use the trackers as described above to record your time spent on issues.

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