Creating an Account-type Work Attribute for Linking Accounts to Time Records - Tempo Cloud

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Configuring work attributes requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

You can view an Account and the completed worklogs that are linked to it by doing a few steps as outlined here.

Step 1: Create an Account-type work attribute

Create a work attribute of the type Account. It's only possible to have one work attribute configured as an Account type at a time. This work attribute shows up as a field in the Log Time form where people can specify to which account they're logging their time.

Step 2: Link the Jira project to an account

Associate the relevant Jira projects to the account.

Step 3: Link an account when you log time or edit a time record

When you log time, you can link the account to the issue by selecting it in the Account field. You can also select the account when you're editing a time record. The Account work attribute you created in Step 1 is displayed in the Log Time form, allowing you to select the account to be linked to the time record.

Step 4: View all time records linked to the account in the Timesheet view

Use the Timesheet view in Accounts to see all time records linked to the account.