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Viewing worklogs for other team members requires the View Worklogs and Browse Projects permissions for each project. Viewing Plans requires the View Plans permission.

To report on planned time, you need to have Tempo Planner installed.

Tempo reports let you gather data from worklogs or plans from yourself or others, such as your team, department, or even your whole company. You can use these reports to gain insight into your business and share your data. By applying filters, you can display the results in precisely the way you want -- and then save the report so that it takes just one click to run it again whenever you need it. You can then use these saved reports to manage your data, and print or export your report data for later use.

Tempo allows you to create three types of reports:

  • Logged Time reports provide a quick overview of the time that has been logged on projects. Accessible to users with Tempo Timesheets.
  • Planned Time reports show the time that has been planned on projects based on teams and individual users. Accessible to users with Tempo Planner.
  • Planned vs Actual reports give an understanding of the accuracy of your planning by comparing the time that has been planned versus the actual time that was logged. Accessible to users with both Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner.

Watch this video to learn how to create any type of report that you want:

You also can find specific videos about how to create different reports – including Logged Time, Planned Time and Planned vs. Actual reports, as well as reports on billable time – here.