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Creating and editing accounts requires the Tempo Account Administrator permission. The Account Lead for the account can also create and edit accounts.

You can create accounts for customers for the purpose of invoicing them. You can then connect the accounts to the Jira projects that you will be working on for the customer. Customers and accounts are created and managed in the Accounts view.


  • It is also possible to import accounts in a pre-made *.csv or *.xml file.
  • The Account Custom Field is installed automatically with Tempo Accounts, but may need to be configured further, depending on how you want to associate the account information.

To create an account:

  1. Select Accounts  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Click +Create Account at the top-right.
  3. Fill in the Create Account dialog box:
    1. Name - A descriptive name for the account. The combination of the account name and key is used to display the account in Jira issues or in the Log Time dialog box in Tempo Timesheets, depending on configuration.
    2. Key - The account key needs to be unique for the account. A suggested key based on the account name is auto-generated, but you can enter any value you choose. The key can use letters (a-z, A-Z), digits (0-9), underscore ("_"), dash ("-") or a dot ("."). The key cannot be changed after the account is created.
    3. Lead - The account lead is responsible for the account. You can either select an existing Jira username or simply enter a name.
    4. Category - Optional. Select a category to associate with the account from the dropdown. The account category is a way to group different cost centers and work activities, such as Development or Marketing. To create or edit categories, click the settings icon  at the top-right, and select Categories.
    5. Customer - Optional. Select a customer to associate with the account from the drop-down menu. The customer does not need to be an outside customer, it may simply be a way to group together a common entity (Jira projects or cost centers) of your definition for the projects linked to the account. 

    6. Contact - Optional. Depending on the purpose of the account, for internal or external use, the contact may or may not be a Jira user.

    7. Projects - Select the projects that include issues you will be logging time on for this customer. You can link more than one project to an account.
  4. If you want to create another account, select the Create another check-box.
  5. When you are finished, click Create.

Global Accounts

You can create a global account that is linked to all projects. To do so, first create an account as described above, then:

  1. Click the Account name in the list to access the Account Overview.
  2. Under Links to Projects, select the Make this account global checkbox.


  • Having a large number of global Accounts can slow down the option to select an Account in the Account custom field on issues.

Editing Account Information

You can edit the following account information account: account name, customer, category, status, monthly budget, lead, and contact. 

  1. In the Accounts view, click the name of the account you want to edit.
  2. Edit the account NameCustomer, Category, Monthly Budget, Lead, and Contact. The account Key cannot be changed after the account is created.

Adding a Monthly Budget

Monthly Budget is used to display a status of hours worked vs the hours budgeted for the selected month. This is displayed in the Account Monthly Budget Burn-up Chart gadget available in Tempo Timesheets. Enter the hours that can be spent on the account during the period in the Monthly Budget field.

Tempo Account Monthly Budget Burn-up Chart