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Creating and editing plans in the Team Planning Timeline requires the View Plans and the Manage Plans permissions for the team for which you are planning.

The Team planning timeline lets you plan time for your team using a weekly view. You can create plans directly in the calendar for your team members, or use the issues side panel to drag-and-drop issues directly into the team planning timeline.

To access the Team Planning Timeline:

  1. Select Planning  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Click  at the upper-right and select Timeline.

Modifying the Team Planning Timeline View

You can modify the view of team plans to display the information the way you want.

  1. At the top-left, open the Teams drop-down and select the team you want.
  2. You can modify the timeline planning view by selecting the options at the left:
    • To filter members of the team by Role, click Everyone, and select one or more roles from the drop-down.
    • To show or hide copies of team plans, click Show, and then toggle Copies of team plans.
    • To show or hide plans from other teams, click Show, and then toggle Plans from other teams.
    • To change the date range of the team planning timeline, click Weeks, and choose from DaysWeeks, or Months.

Creating Plans from the Issues Side Panel

The quickest way to plan time for your team is to simply drag-and-drop Jira issues from the Issues side panel onto a team member's timeline in the Team Planning Timeline.

In order to populate the issues side panel, you need to link your team to their Jira issues. This involves first Linking Teams to their Jira Projects, then selecting the team from the Tempo Team custom field in their Jira issues.

To drag issues from the side panel onto the timeline:

  1. Click in the lower left-hand corner to display the Issues side panel.
  2. Click the tabs to filter what's displayed in the side panel using these categories: Versions, EpicsBacklogIterationsIssues, and Filters.
    Click the  to open a menu and select other filters. You can also view issues tied to a specific Jira filter.
  3. Drag an issue from the side panel and drop it onto a team member's timeline. The amount of time in the Remaining estimate is used to calculate the amount of time scheduled for the plan.
  4. To edit the amount of time scheduled, drag either end to change the duration of the plan, or click on the issue in the timeline. The Plan details are displayed in the side panel, showing all of the information from the planned task. Scroll down to Planned time and click the estimate to change it.

Creating and Editing Plans in the Team Planning Timeline

You can use the Team Planning Timeline to create plans from scratch. You can also move and resize those plans to change for whom and when they are planned.

  • Move the pointer to the team member and date where you want to plan time and click the +. Fill out the Create Plan details in the side panel, same as in the Plan Time form.

  • To move a plan, drag it to a different time or team member.
  • To change the plan's duration, drag either end of the plan in either direction.
  • To delete a plan, click it and then click (...) in the Plan Details side panel. Select Delete Plan.
  • To view the plan's parent issue, click the plan and then click (...) in the Plan Details side panel. Select View Issue.
  • To split plans, hover over a plan while holding the Ctrl key. Click on the division to split the plan at the date. Now you can modify each plan as you like.


If plan approval is being used and changes are made to an approved plan, the plan will be re-submitted to the reviewer for approval and the plan status changes to Pending.

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