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Editing team permissions requires the Tempo Team Administrator permission or the Manage Team permission for the relevant team. By default, the Team Lead has the Manage Team permission for their own team.

Team permissions define how team leads and team members - and others - view and work with their worklogs, timesheets, and plans. Permissions are applied using team permission roles that apply only to that team.

You can also create multi-team permission roles from the Permission Roles page in Settings that quickly give access to data for multiple teams at once - find out how to do that here. You need the Tempo Team Administrator permission to do this. 

To access team permissions:

  1. Select Teams  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. In the Teams view, select the team for which you want to edit permissions.
  3. The team's overview is displayed. Click Permissions in the upper-right.

4. The Team Permissions page opens up where you can see and edit your team's permissions:

Granting Team Permissions

Team permission roles let you manage who has permissions to do specific actions or view specific data for your team. By default, each team has two default permission roles: Team Lead and Member. The Team Lead automatically gets the permission to view, manage, and approve all plans and worklogs, and also to manage the team. By default, Members don't have any team permissions, but the Team Lead can grant permissions to them. For example, all team members could have the View plans permission to be able to see their co-workers' plans for work and time off.

For a list of all available Team permissions for Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner, see Team Permissions.

Watch this video to see how to set up team permissions:

Creating Team Permission Roles

Adding a new team permission role allows you to grant specific team permissions to multiple users at the same time, whether they are a part of the team or not. For example, you can give another manager the Approve timesheets and Approve plans permission to be your backup when you're gone. Or you can give most or all team permissions to a senior team member so that they're like a second-in-command Team Lead. 

See Creating Team Permission Roles for more information on how to do this.

Determining the Visibility of Teams

You may not want everyone to be able to view your team. You can set view restrictions for the team so that only specific Jira users or groups can see your team and its members.

  1. On the team's permissions page, click the button next to Team is visible to.
  2. Select who should see this team:
    1. Everyone – This team is visible to anyone on this Jira instance.
    2. Specific users – This team is visible to the Team Lead, Team Members, and anyone with the View Team or Tempo Team Administrator permissions. 

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