Configuring Logging Time Options - Tempo Cloud

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Configuring logging time options requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

Log Time options determine how users log time, for example, whether is should be possible to log time on an issue that has an account in closed status, etc. You can configure these options.

To configure the log time options:

  1. Select Settings  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Under Configuration, select Logging Time.
  3. Select the options that are displayed when users are logging time:
    • Remaining estimate is optional -  by default, users are not required to enter an estimate of remaining time in a time record. Clear the check-box if users should not be able to log time without adding a remaining estimate.
    • Worklog description is optional - by default, users are not required to enter a description for each worklog. Clear the check-box if users should not be able to log time without entering a work description.
    • Users can log time for closed and archived accounts - users can log time for non-active accounts.
    • Maximum hours per day per userUnlimited provides an unlimited value for maximum hours. If a limited value is selected in the drop-down list, the lowest value is set as the Hours per day in Jira Time Tracking settings and the highest value ends in 24 Hours.