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Configuring the scheduler requires the Tempo Administrator permission.

You can configure the scheduler to automatically close periods that you define for logging time and to send email reminders to users to add or edit worklogs before the period closing date. If you choose to automatically close periods, approvers can grant individual users a grace period after the the period has closed.

  1. Select Settings  in the Tempo sidebar.
  2. Under Periods, select Scheduler Configuration.
  3. Configure options for the scheduler:
    1. Type - Select if the scheduler runs monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly. When you select weekly or bi-weekly, additional options are displayed to let you choose the day of the week on which you would like the scheduler to run.
    2. Run scheduler on period end date - This option only appears when you select the weekly or bi-weekly frequency (see Type above). This is the last day by which you want timesheets to be submitted.

      • For example, in the image above, the period end date is on Friday.

    3. Make Scheduler Close - Select this option to close timesheets. This will prevent users from making any changes to their timesheets past the period end date.
    4. Close - Specify the number of calendar days after the end date that you would like to keep the timesheets open for any possible late entries and edits. Please note that this will not affect the period settings in the Period Management view.

      • For example, in the image above, the timesheets will be open for entries and edits until Sunday (2 days after Friday).

    5. Email settings - You can program the scheduler to send reminder emails to users about their worklogs - these emails are always sent at 12:00 AM UTC.

      • Status reminder for all users: sends a reminder email to all users on the scheduled end date. 
      • Status reminder for late users: sends a reminder email to users with uncompleted timesheets by the period end date. If the Make Scheduler Close option is selected, you can specify how many days before close date the reminder is sent. If the Make Scheduler Close option is not selected, you can specify how many days after period end date the reminder is sent.
        • For example, in the image above, late users will receive a status reminder email on Saturday, 1 day before the Scheduler Close date (Sunday).


To receive the email, users must have Work on Issues permission for at least one project, and they need to either have logged some time or be in a workload scheme with more than zero required hours.

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