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Viewing worklogs for other team members requires the Browse Projects and the View All Worklogs permissions for each project.

To report on planned time, you need to have Tempo Planner installed. Viewing plans requires the View Plans permission.

If you want to continue working with your report data in another application, you can export the data to a CSV or Excel format. You can also print a copy or export it to a PDF for sharing and printing. When you export to CSV or Excel you get the "raw data" based on your filter but grouping is ignored. When you export to PDF or print, both filter and grouping is respected.

  1. Select Reports  in the Tempo sidebar and create or open the report you want to print or export.
  2. Click Export at the top-right, and then select an export option.

  • PDF - Immediately generates and downloads a formatted summary report that reflects the filters and groups you selected, and shows the total hours logged. The reporting period and total hours logged are displayed in the header, and the current date and page numbers in the footer.
  • Print - Opens the report as displayed in a preview tab from where you can change the orientation of the report before printing. You can save the report to PDF using the browser print options.

  • Export data - You can select CSV or Excel (XLS, XLSX) formats. The data file is generated and downloaded immediately.


  • If you export your report in Excel format, Tempo will create a file with two tabs - Worklogs and Users. Worklogs shows the exported data with the Worklog column as the primary key, and Users shows the exported data with the Fullname of the user as a primary key.
  • If you are exporting a report containing characters from the Cyrillic alphabet, export to PDF before printing your report to ensure the proper display of your data. Also, earlier versions of Internet Explorer (7 and 8) do not support printing to PDF.

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