Logging Time in a Timesheet - Tempo Cloud

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Creating time records for yourself requires the Work On Issues permission. Creating time records for other team members requires the Log Work for Others permission.

You can log time on Jira issues in any timesheet. 

  1. Access the timesheet either from My Work , Teams , or Accounts .
  2. Make sure you're viewing days in the grid view.
  3. To create a time record, do one of the following:
    1. Click the Log Time button at the top. The Log Time form is displayed.
    2. If you have an issue in the timesheet, you can click an empty cell for that issue to log time on it. The Log Time form is opened with the issue preselected. You can use the Show issue lists box at the top to display issue filters in the timesheet that are relevant to you. This will help you to quickly find the issues you need to log time on. For more information about how to show issue filters in a timesheet, see Displaying Issue Lists and Jira Filters in the User Timesheet - Tempo Server.
    3. Press w on your keyboard to open the Log Time form.

  4. Fill in the Log Time form. 

    • If you need to find the issue you worked on, click inside the Search box. A list of issues is displayed, with suggested issues based on your activities at the top. You can also use the filters to narrow down the search.
    • To change the date, click the date box and select a new date.
    • To log time over a period of time, click the date box and select the Period check box. Select a start and end date.
    • If you need to record the start and end times, click Set start and end time, and then fill in the boxes. You can click X to hide the boxes and create a record without start and end time.  Tempo remembers the current state and shows or hides the fields according to your last choice.
    • Show hidden fields displays more fields. You can click  and decide which fields you want to be always visible and which fields to hide.
    • To keep the Log Time form open to log time on the same or another issue, select the Log another check-box before clicking the Log time button.
     For more information about the Log Time form, see Log Time Form - Tempo Cloud.
  5. When you are finished, click Log time.

Logging Time for Others

If you have the permission to log time for others, you can create time records for your team members in the timesheet view. 

  1. Access the timesheet either from My Work Teams , or Accounts .
  2. Click the drop-down arrow next to your name to display an editable field and drop-down.
  3. Type the name of the team member whose timesheet you want to view. 
  4. Click Log Time at the top.
  5. Complete the Log Time form.