Automated Emails for Tempo Planner - Tempo Server

Automated emails are set up to alert users about certain events which include any reminders, changes, updates and prompts for actions.


  • Plan approval: If you are a team member, you can select a reviewer for your plan when you create it. Doing this automatically sends an email to the reviewer asking them to approve the plan. See Approving Plans for more information. 

  • Plan has been modified: If you modify or move a plan, the reviewer will get an email notification if they are not the same user making the change to the plan. If a plan is moved after it has been approved or rejected, it becomes pending again and a new email notification is sent to the reviewer. 

    • Example of team member making changes: If Bob (team member) is making a change to a plan where Robert is the reviewer, then Robert will receive an email notification about the change.

    • Example of reviewer making changes: If Robert (reviewer) is making a change to a plan then she won’t receive an email notification since she is the reviewer of that plan.

  • Plan has been deleted: Deleting a plan triggers an email notification to be sent to the reviewer and the user that originally requested the plan approval if they are not the same as the reviewer and not the user making the change.

    • Example of team member deleting plan: If Bob (team member) deletes a plan, then Robert (reviewer) will receive an email notification.

    • Example of reviewer deleting plan: If Robert (reviewer) deletes a plan, then she will receive an email notification about the deletion.

  • Plan approval request modified or cancelled: Changing the reviewer for a plan approval request or cancelling the plan approval request triggers an email notification to be sent to the reviewer if they are not the same as the user cancelling the request.

    • Example of a change of reviewer: If Bob (team member) sent a plan to Robert (reviewer) for approval and then changes the plan reviewer from Robert to Eric, then only Eric would receive an email about the new approval request.