Automated Emails for Tempo Timesheets - Tempo Server

Automated emails are set up to alert users about certain events related to timesheet approvals, such as changes, updates, reminders, and prompts for actions.

Here are the types of automated emails that are sent to Tempo Timesheet users (both the requester and reviewer):

  • Reminder of missing hours: You can program the scheduler to send reminder emails to users to add or edit time records before the period closing date - these emails are always sent at 12:00 AM UTC.

    • Status reminder for late users: An email is sent to the user to notify them that they have not completed their timesheet for the period.

    • Status reminder for all users: All users will receive an email about their time record submission status for the closed period.

  • Grace period to late users: An email is sent to users when a reviewer has granted them an extension to complete their timesheet.

  • Timesheet approval: When a requester sends their timesheet for approval, an email is sent to the reviewer. Reviewers can use the approval page to either approve or reject timesheets that are submitted to them. The requester will be notified by email once their timesheet is approved or rejected.