Managing a team using Tempo for Server

In this tutorial, you will create a team, link projects to it, plan the team’s time, and finally monitor the team’s capacity. You need Tempo Planner for Server to complete this task.

Step 1: Creating a new Tempo team

The first step is to create your team. Create a new team and name it Redflare. Assign Taylor as the Team Lead.

Step 2: Adding members to your team

Having created a team, you now need to add team members to it. Add three team members, Robert, Tanya, and Beverly. Allocate the designer role to Robert and as he will be dedicated to this team, set his availability to 100%. Set Robert's joining date to August 5th, 2018.

Add Tanya as a developer and Beverly as a business analyst to the team. As Tanya and Beverly will only work on Redflare part-time, set their availability to 50% with August 1st, 2018 as their joining date.

Step 3: Assigning team permissions to team members

Next, you need to grant permissions to team members. By default, the Team Lead - Taylor - has all team permissions and all team members have the permission to view team information. Grant Robert, Tanya, and Beverly the permission to manage team plans.

Step 4: Linking projects to your team

The first step in planning your team's time is to link one or more Jira projects to the team so that you can plan time on issues in those projects. When you have linked projects to the team, you can drag and drop issues directly from these projects onto your Team Planning Timeline.

Link the Tango OnDemand project to the Redflare team.

Step 5: Planning time for your team

Now your team is ready and it's time to start planning. In the following steps you will plan time for team Redflare using the Team view. From the suggestions sidebar you can see all of the issues from the project you have linked to this team. Drag issues and drop them on Tanya's timeline in Week 34, 2018. 

Step 6: Viewing your team's capacity

Having planned time for members in your team, you may want to see the team's capacity. Capacity is a measure of how much time is planned, and how much time is available for each member in your team. In this step you will view the capacity of your team using the Team Capacity Report

You can see that Beverly is fully committed for week 34 (20 Aug - 27 Aug '18), but Tanya is only at 60%. Nothing has been planned for Robert yet. If you click Time Available, you see that Tanya has 8 hours available for planning whereas Beverly has 0 hours available.

So far you've been viewing the capacity of the team members in the Redflare team, but you can also view the total capacity of the team members. The total capacity includes the time that they have planned for other teams.

Now you can see that Beverly is actually over-committed for week 34 because she's also working for another team. The time for over-committed team members shows up in yellow.

Step 7: Viewing capacity and plans using resource planning

You can also view the capacity and commitment of your teams using the Resource Planning view. It provides an overview of your resources so that you can see at a glance who’s available and who’s overbooked. 

Use the Filter by dropdown to select your team Redflare and browse to the week of  August 20-27 (Week 34). You can immediately see that Beverly is over-committed for this week as indicated by a red bar. Tanya is only committed for 6 or 2 hours per day that week so the yellow progress bar indicates the relative amount of hours planned. Robert is fully committed on Monday and Tuesday of this week so he has a green check-mark for those days.

Click the little arrow to the left of Beverly's name to view her plans in more detail. Now you can see exactly which plans Beverly has scheduled and how she is over-committed.